All essential minerals, like calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium are present in significant higher amounts in MP-teff® than in any other grain. These minerals are of course completely of natural origin, can easily been taken up by the human body, and does advance (sport) performances and vital functions in the human body.



MP-teff contains a significant amount of food fibers. Fibers are essential for optimum colon performance. About 80% of the starch in MP-teff® grain is ‘good’ starch. But what exactly is ‘good’ starch? It is starch which slowly and gradually converts into glucose in your body. So, appearance of severe peaks in blood sugar levels can be prevented by good starch. This is important for lowering the risk on diabetes and for control of the consequences of diabetes. It also helps to give you a satisfied feeling after eating products with MP-teff®.


Good starch

Part of the good starch is called resistant starch. This type of starch is converted in the colon into healthy components like organic acids. These compounds enhances body resistance to infections. It is also affects the storage of fats in the body. The bacteria in the colon make all types of compounds from resistant starch, which in turn are important for all kinds of vital functions in the human metabolism.



MP-teff® proteins comprise of a good  balance of amino acids which means that the protein can be completely incorporated in body tissue, such as muscles.


Trace elements

Trace elements like cupper and manganese play a crucial role in the metabolism of the human body. Food scientists often talk about ‘nano-nutrients’, meaning that they are present in such small quantities that they can not be identified and measured, but play an unknown but vital role in the metabolism of the human body. That’s why food dietists always prefer food from wholly natural, authentic and unrefined sources. Because MP-teff® is a  whole-grain food ingredient, it can be positioned in this range with outstanding properties.

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