Teff varieties

Millets Place has the exclusive license on breeder’s rights of a number of unique teff grain varieties (indicated as MP-teff®). This is the result of a long-term breeding program by our expert team of R&D agronomists. It is an on-going project, always aiming to improve the teff quality as a raw material for food applications.


MP-teff® grain is produced for Millets Place by a selective group of farmers on a contract basis in The Netherlands and other countries in different world continents. Wherever this cultivation takes place, the highest product quality is always guaranteed. By geographically spread cultivation, the risk on crop failure is minimized and production volume can be optimally and adequately attuned to market needs .


After harvest of the MP-teff® grain, Millets Place is outsourcing the subsequent steps in the production chain to expert contracting partners  in Europe working under certified food quality procedures (HACCP, BRC, ISO). These production steps are shown in the next figure.

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