MP-teff® from Millets Place is a specially selected and protected variety of a primeval grain called Eragrostis tef. Teff origins from Ethiopia in East Africa, where teff is used as a staple food (injera) for many thousands of years. 

MP-teff® is the product of a long years trajectory of breeding and selection by our own expert people based on authentic teff types. The breeding and selection is performed by conventional (non-GMO) breeding techniques and is specifically aimed on maximum yield on the agricultural fields in Western countries (climate) combined with excellent food application qualities and nutritional value. MP-teff® is therefore distinct and superior compared to other teff types in the market.

MP-teff® plant varieties are officially protected by plant breeder’s rights (as officially registered at CPVO in Angers, France) by Foundation Share (formerly SCEAR) and Foundation ProTef.  In Europe, there are no other registered teff varieties. For production purposes the rights of exclusive use of these varieties are licensed to Millets Place B.V. Click here for more information.

MP-teff® has superior nutritional properties, which appeal to a broad range of food-conscious consumers. MP-teff® is completely gluten free (less than 5 ppm) and is guaranteed safe for people with an intolerance for gluten (celiac disease).

Millets Place is officially certified by SKAL for production and trading of organic teff grain. Millets Place is busy to produce organic teff and expects to introduce it into the market soon.

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