Why should you eat MP-teff®? There is one simple reason: due to its unique nutritional values, MP-teff® is ‘the king’ amongst other grains.

MP-teff® is the smallest grain in the world. Its kernels are so tiny that MP-teff® grain contains the highest portion of bran and germs as compared to other grains. These two parts of the grain kernel contain the majority of compounds with the highest nutritional value.

For both white and brown types, MP-teff® is always a wholegrain food ingredient. The whole teff kernel is entirely milled to wholegrain flour. No refining, whatsoever, is taking place. So, also white teff flour is a wholegrain product.

MP-teff® has his own taste. Consumers themselves can influence the taste by using less or more teff in the food product.

MP-teff® is healthy and tasty for everyone. MP-teff® is recommended especially for baby's and children, sportsmen and sportswomen, and seniors. Because MP-teff® is completely gluten free it is a perfect ingredient for use in food products for celiacs.  But MP-teff® is really meant for all people and should therefore be considered as a normally applied food ingredient. MP-teff® should be part of the daily eating pattern of any consumer, especially where wholesome food is involved.

MP-teff® can be used as an ingredient in all types of food products where grain flours are normally used. The grain flour can be wholly of partly substituted by MP-teff®, dependent on the taste experience and appreciation of the consumer.  The major difference with most other grains is that the functionality of gluten is missing. Therefore, making loaf products like bread based on 100% teff flour is hardly possible without gluten replacers like natural gums.

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