Who are we?

Millets Place was founded in 2009 by five expert people with many years of experience in the field of teff grain.

  • Ruud van Klaveren (Marketing & Sales) with a background in the medical branch.
  • Anne Hulst (Research & Development) is a food technologist, having experience in food & nutrition and agricultural raw materials.
  • Lo Turkensteen (Agriculture; Breeding & Selection) is a specialist in diseases, especially on plants from (sub)tropic origin.
  • Nol Mulder (Agriculture; Breeding & Selection)is a worldwide authority on soil diseases.
  • Ing. (Mrs) Bejanka Douwstra (Agriculture; Breeding & Selection) is a specialist in teff agriculture.


Since 2002 important results have been achieved by the founders in breeding and selection of the best teff grain varieties (indicated as MP-teff®) and agriculture of MP-teff® in The Netherlands and several other countries in the world. By broad experience and by research projects (in cooperation with Dutch universities and institutes) much knowhow was developed on MP-teff® in agriculture, food applications and nutritional value.

Millets Place B.V.

Millets Place produces his own teff grain and derived products such as flour and flakes for the business to business market (e.g. industrial food producers) and retailers. Millets Place markets his products worldwide.



Our mission is to contribute in the creation of healthy and tasteful food products for everyone, from sportsmen to gluten free food consumers. Our contribution is based on products from natural, authentic, and nutritious raw materials.

Our products can be used as major ingredients in daily food products for consumers who pay extra attention in their daily food pattern with respect to issues like health, wellness, and sport performance.

We deliver worldwide our products B2B to various food producers and retailers that focus on abovementioned groups of consumers.


What is MP-Teff®?

Teff varieties

Millets Place has the rights of exclusive use of a number of unique teff grain varieties (indicated as MP-teff®). This is the result of a long-term breeding program by the expert team of agronomists of the Foundations Share and ProTef, who also belong to the founders of Millets Place BV. It is an on-going project, always aiming to improve the teff quality as a raw material for food applications.

It concerns the varieties Ayana, Tesfaya and Adina (Foundation Share) and the variety Veronica (Foundation ProTef)



MP-teff® is cultivated for Millets Place by a selective group of farmers on a contract basis in The Netherlands and adjacent European countries. In addition, MP-teff® is also cultivated on a contract basis on the continent of Africa. Wherever in the world cultivation takes place, the highest product quality is always guaranteed. By spread cultivation, the risk on crop failure is minimized and production volume can be optimally and adequately attuned to market needs.



After harvest of the MP-teff® grain, Millets Place is outsourcing the subsequent steps in the production chain to expert contracting partners in Europe working under certified food quality procedures (HACCP, BRC, FSSC22000). These production steps are shown in the next figure.




What do we offer?





MP-teff grain brown

Packaging: bulk, big bags (till 1.000 kg), 25 kg PP bags

MP-teff grain white

Packaging: bulk, big bags (till 1.000 kg), 25 kg PP bags

MP-Teff flour brown

Packaging: bulk, big bags (till 1.000 kg), 20 kg bags

MP-Teff flour white

Packaging: bulk, big bags (till 1.000 kg), 20 kg bags

MP-Teff flakes brown

Packaging: 20 kg bags





MP-Teff flakes white

Packaging: 20 kg bags



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